Top Ten Fun Things To Do During The 2014 Pendleton Roundup Week

It is one of the most major annual rodeos in United States in Pendleton, Oregon and is held every year during the second week of September and the trade has been in the process since 1910.  This Pendleton round up week brings about more than fifty thousand people to Pendleton annually and is very famous for its Wild West culture. The Top Ten Fun Things To Do During The 2014 Pendleton Roundup Week are:


 10. Attending The Round Up Itself:

Attending The Round Up Itself

The most fun thing of course to do in During The 2014 Pendleton Roundup Week will be to attend the occasion itself. Getting the schedule for the round up and paying the fees is the initial step to be taken. The rodeo starts at 1:15 P.M each day. For ticket and general information you can easily visit where you will find all the related information required.


9-Happy Canyon Dance / Goldies Saloon at the Canyon:

Happy Canyon Dance or Goldies Saloon at the Canyon

After you are done with the pageant there is no need for you to rush back home because you can go to the nearest happy canyon and enjoy the social gaming as well as the dancing all night with a great DJ that can mix your favorite dance music. For those who are 21 years and above there is also Goldies Saloon at the Canyon where you can enjoy the live band performing.


8-Happy Canyon Night Show:

Happy Canyon Night Show

This is held in a four thousand set arena and has proven to be the show that must be attended two to three times every week. The price range for the show may range from ten to seventeen dollars and the show is all about depicting the settling of the American West, beginning with a portrayal of the Native American way of life prior to the arrival of the white man.




Except for the round ups there are many other events that are going on in Pendleton which mostly include drinking, dancing, partying all week and all night long. There are so many options and places to party that it will be very hard for you to choose the sort of party you want to attend but one must take care while drinking and driving and try to be responsible.


6-Cowboy Breakfast:

Cowboy Breakfast

It’s includes in all the traditions of the Pendleton round up sessions which is the VFW Cowboy Breakfast at Stillman Park where you can undoubtedly enjoy great food and some live country music.


5-Native Americans:

Native Americans

There are various traditions of the native Indians when you come to Pendleton round up sessions and it includes some of the junctures like Junior American Indian Beauty Pageant, Roy Raley Park, American Indian Beauty Contest, Main Street, Tribal Ceremonial Dancing Contest (Pow Wow), Round-Up Arena.


4-Trained Bull Riding:

Trained Bull Riding

Here you can go and enjoy with the most talented cowboys to ride on the top class 2,000 pound bulls for eight seconds which surely will be the most entertaining thing for you to watch.


3-The Greatest Free Show in the West:

The Greatest Free Show in the West

This show is presented by the Main Street Cowboys and where the cowboys come on down to Main Street and appreciate the theater spread out on 5 stages. It will not cost you any money, unless of course you counter the many vendors selling delicious food and retail. Some of the entertainers include Adam The Great, Brady Goss and Band, Bushman Brothers, Carrie Cunningham and The Six Shooters.




Dress up parades are one of the most fun things about the round ups in Pendleton and here you can easily enjoy some horses, Native Indians, Cowboys, Marching Bands, motorized floats which are enough for you to enjoy the show.


1-Big & Rich Concert:

Big & Rich Concert

It is held at Happy Canyon Arena and has had many hits including Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy. Various others hits have also been written majorly for the The Band Perry, Keith Urban, Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley, Chris Young and Craig Young. This was a list of Top Ten Fun Things To Do During The 2014 Pendleton Roundup Week.

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