Top Ten Countries with Highest Murder Rate

Homicide is act of one person killing another. According to a report since 1995, homicide rate is falling in Asia, Europe and North America but has increased in Caribbean and Central America. In 2012 total homicides recorded were to be 437,000 and homicide rate in Oceania, Europe and Asia was half of rate in Africa and America.


About 24% of homicides in 2012 were with Sharp objects, 41% with firing weapon (guns) and remaining with misc. items such as poison.


Homicide rate per 100,000 persons was recorded lowest in Japan i.e. 0.5 then in Sweden 0.9, Canada and UK have almost same homicide rate at 1.6 and United States comes up with rate of 5.4 which is higher than of Finland (2.5), India (3.4) and Turkey (3.5).

Now here are Top Ten Countries with Highest Murder Rates 2014



Republic of Honduras is situated in Central America, with population exceeding 8 million; it was home to Spanish invaders but became independent in 1811. Its motto reads “Free, Sovereign and Independent”. Political instability is one of major causes of violence in Honduras and its Homicide rate is recorded as 90.2!



The country is situated on northern coast of Southern America with population of about 29.1 million. Gained independence as a separate country in 1855, and has been a democratic country since 1958. It has world’s largest oil reserves, but due to rising inflation (62%) it is counted among countries with highest homicide rate i.e. 53.7.



Belize is actually birthplace of Chewing gum! Situated in Northern coast of Central America with English as official language, Belize got independence in 1954 from British Empire; Mostly due to Gang violence, Belize has 44.7% rate of homicide.


4.El Salvador

With homicide rate of 66%, El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America. Though small its population estimated to be around 6 million! It gained independence in 1821 and has been politically unstable most of the time. Motto reads as “God, Unity Freedom”. Crime rate in El Salvador is said to be reason of deportation of thousands from USA, also El Salvador had highest gang related activity but it has decreased due to Gang truce and Homicide rate is falling.



Republic of Guatemala has borders with Belize in northwest, Mexico in north and west, Honduras in the East and El Salvador lies in its south east. It gained independence from Spanish empire in 1821 and has been running on democratic constitution since 1985. In 1990, Guatemala had its four city featured in Top ten dangerous cities of world. It still has homicide rate of 39.9.



Jamaica is the first largest Island country in Caribbean, Gained independence in 1962 August from United Kingdom.  Jamaica had highest rate of murders once but now it has been gradually reduced, still due to being “Most Homophobic country in the world,” Several attacks on LGBTs are reported. The capital of Jamaica is rated as Critical in crime due to Violence activates. Safety report suggest to prevent home in-breaks people should use all the security features available, report also suggests that international travelers are seldom effected by violence hence calling most of crime activities as ‘Jamaican on Jamaican’  crime and  Night driving is said to be avoid whenever possible. (Refer. OSAS Report 2013)



One of the smallest countries in Africa and is surrounded by South Africa by three sides and Mozambique on east. The crime rate in Swaziland is recorded as 33.8.


8.Saint Kitts and Nevis

It is the two island state in West Indies, gained independence in 1987 from United Kingdom. Most of violence/crime is drug and gang related and local on local violence. Still it comes up with homicide rate of 33.6.


9.South Africa

South Africa’s statistics on Crime as highest, about 50 people are murdered every day, it is also entitled as ‘Rape capital of the world’ and it has highest number of car hijackings as compared with other industrialised countries.  Homicide percentage recorded is 31.0%.



Colombia is said to be home for Drug dealers and it is also one of major reasons of crime, It also had tenth highest rate of kidnapping in Latin America, homicide rate is recorded as 30.8% and rated here at number 10th position in Top Ten Countries with Highest Murder Rate list.

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