Top Ten Countries with Beautiful girls

Definition of beauty differs from Continent to Continent, Country to country and even person to person, Beauty for one person can be having a sensational body and for second person might be having a great face, but we all agree to some things like a beautiful girl means a great personality with a blend of looks. We have compiled a list of top ten countries with beautiful girls.


10) South Korea

South Korea girls

Though South Korea struggles some problems, but their women are one of a kind. Even if you are the best guy in the house, you won’t be able to guess the exact age of South Korean lady, it’s because of their well maintained bodies and cute faces. South Korean women are cute in their own way, one may not find them attractive due to their heights which is normally under 5’5 but they have their own sensation and beauty


9) Denmark

Denmark girls

Women of Denmark are just Wow, blue eyes, Blonde hair, just wow. Thing is they are so innocent looking and of such wonderful personality that you won’t be able to get them off from your head. Women in Denmark got right to vote in 1915 and since then, women of Denmark have progressed, gained education and now education index in Denmark is highest in the world.


8) India

Indian girls

India is home to one of the most beautiful women in the world, Aishwarya Rai Bacchan, who won the title of Miss World back in 1999 is an Indian. It is said that world’s most charming women are found in Region of Sub-continent (Bengal-India-Pakistan). Eastern beauty is the word for women in India and they are considered as one of the most beautiful in the world.


7) Colombia

Colombian Girls

One of most irresistible beauties in the world, Colombian beauties are one of the hottest beauties with sexiest curves. It is said that street beauty is in Colombia and is sexier than any other country In the whole world. Though Colombia is known as terror, but beauties there are worth a shot!


6) Sweden

Sweden girls

If someone told you there’s a country where every girl appears to be a model with blue eyes, tall height and blonde hair, he would be talking about Sweden! Sweden is a modern state where design is everything and that’s why you will find every lady in Sweden as fashioned and educated.


5) Canada


One of the wealthiest countries in the world. Canada is World’s Second largest country by total area and not only you can find every kind of women here, but also Canadian ladies are known for their amazing fashion sense and education. There’s a 100 % chance that you will fall in love with the Canadian girl once you are in the country!


4) Ukraine

Ukarine girls

One of the most beautiful girls can be found in Ukraine, its just something about them that you won’t be able to keep your eyes off them. They are tall, gorgeous, perfectly shaped and with a mysterious smile, Ukrainian women are just amazing. Most of the people visit Ukraine just to see the ladies because Ukraine always has been a Finalist in Miss Universe Contest.


3) Russia

Russian Girls

“The Moscow subway alone has more beauties than in the whole USA Combined!”. Russian women are a blend of beauty, perfect tall body and appearance to die for! Russian women are amazingly friendly and you can find the next supermodel every mile ahead!


2) Venezuela

Venezuela girls

If you are looking at list of Miss World title holders, you must be searching for Venezuela! Republic of Venezuela is located in the northern coast of South America and is home to world’s most beautiful women, every lady there is a next supermodel mainly because it’s more of a passion for Venezuela, it Is said that most of women spend their more than half salary on their appearance.


1) Brazil

Brazil girls

In Top Ten Countries with Beautiful girls list we have here Brazil.Home to half of Supermodels of all times and most of todays models are from Brazil. Brazil is known for its sensational, sexy and always hot women! if you ever go to beach parties in Brazil, you will see that almost every girl there is sexy, hot and beautiful enough to become next top model!

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