Top Ten Best 4G supported Phones in 2014-2015

Question is not about owning a smartphone anymore; question is can your phone deliver high performance next generation communication. World is turning into global village and communication on the go is as necessary for a Geek as for a Business person. It should be noticed that not all mobile devices support LTE or 4G network and there are many devices which support only 3G network, so we have compiled a list of Top Ten Best 4G supported Phones in 2014-2015.

10) Moto G 4G

moto g

Upgraded version of Moto G to support 4G network, Motorola G 4G, is middle budget smartphone equipped with screen of 4.5inches, Quad-Core Processor of 1.2Ghz and GPU of Adreno 305; Moto G 4G is for those who want to enjoy fast communication and best browsing speed. Moto G 4G comes with Front Camera of 1.3MP and Back camera of 5MP with Flash and latest Android version of 4.4.4.


9) LG G Flex

lg g flex

LG G Flex is known for its bendable body and it was one of the new innovations of 2013 but this phone is one of the best 4G Supported Smartphones. LG G Flex packs a punch, with processor of Quad-core 2.26 Ghz, GPU of Adreno 330, 2GB RAM and Kitkat OS, LG G Flex comes with screen of 6 inches, 32GB Storage and Back camera of 13MP and front of 2.1MP.


8) Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

grand 2

Part of Galaxy team, Grand 2 is also 4G supported smartphone with a lot of amazing features to be the best!  Equipped with Quad-core 1.2Ghz processor, 1.5GB RAM, 8GB Internal Storage and Screen of 5.25inches, Galaxy Grand 2 provides communication at fastest speed possible! It is equipped with Kitkat version of Android.


7) Huawei Ascend P7


One of the biggest phones available from Huawei, Ascend P7 is a phone with Quad-core 1.8 GHz, 2GB RAM and 16GB storage under the hood.  Huawei Ascend P7 is known for its front camera which is of 8MP! Back camera is of 13MP with flash and video recording at 1080P@30FPS. With these specifications Ascend P7 makes sure that users gets best Speed with better handling.


6) LG G PRO 2

g pro 2

LG Optimus UI is pretty decent and when you are using it with Quad-core 2.26GHz and 3GB RAM, it surely feels even better! LG G Pro 2 is one of the best 4G/LTE supported smartphones and comes with pretty good camera of 13MP on back and 2.1 on front. LG G Pro 2 has screen of 5.9 inches so you won’t have any problem in browsing and communication!


5) Amazon Fire Phone

fire hpoen

Weird phone with 4 front cameras and 3D Perspective view, Android Based Amazon OS and feel of real world in phone, Amazon Fire Phone is defiantly one of the best phones in market! Fire phone has burning hood with Quad Core 2.2 GHz, 2GB RAM and 32GB Storage under it, Amazon Fire Phone makes sure that you can enjoy 4G support with 3D View!


4) Apple iPhone 5


Apple products are one of the greatest and magnificent products ever and iPhone has become one of the status symbols in the world. iPhone 5 features Fingerprint scanner which is next level security and comes with LTE Support,  7.12 iOS running on Dual-core 1.3GHz with 1GB RAM.


3) Nokia Lumia Icon

lumia icon

Lumia means colors of life and when you look at Lumia ICON, you will believe it! Equipped with Camera of 20MP with so many features and 2.1MP Camera, with 4G support, Lumia ICON makes sure that you can capture your moments and share them in an instant. It is powered with Processor of Quad-core 2.2GHz, 32GB Storage and 2GB RAM these specs make sure that you will enjoy browsing, chatting and applications at its best!


2) HTC One (M8)


Equipped with Super LCD3 Screen of 5 inches, HTC One is among the best 4G Supported smartphones in 2014-2015. HTC One is equipped with 2.5GHz Quad-core processor and 2GB RAM to provide best processing power and speed required to handle every kind of communication. Phone features Dual 4MP Cameras with 1/3” sensor size in Back and 5MP camera on front.


1) Sony Xperia Z2


Equipped with Quad-core 2.3GHz Processor, 3GB RAM running on X-reality Engine with powerful Camera of 20.7MP enclosed in Shatter proof glass and Water/Dust proof body; Sony Xperia Z2 is one of Top Ten Best 4G supported Phones in 2014-2015. Phone provides LTE/4G support at its best and makes communication faster.

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