Top News About Google IO Conference 2014

Google IO conference 2014 is ended now. The event was full of exciting news and announcements, some declarations were expected and some were not. For those who didn’t watch the IO conference 2014, here are the highlights and Top News About Google IO Conference 2014.

Company disclosed a new colorful theme for all its products. Company also announced a new version of Android as well as a stylish android One phone.


6. Cheap and affordable smart phones:

Cheap and affordable smart phones

The head of Android started keynote with inspiring statistics: Twenty billion texts, one billion active users, and ninety-three million selfies per day. For the people, who cannot afford a smartphone, Google is introducing cheap and affordable smartphones. Android One is one of them.


5 . New design:

Material design

Google revealed a design language at the conference known as “Material design”. It is colorful with more room for text. Information boxes glide over each other and vanish when you don’t want them .When you switch between the tasks, you’ll be amazed to see those dramatic animations. Google has created a new website to show off the brand new material design.


4 . Brand new operating system;Android L:

Brand new operating system;Android L

Google presented the new version of Android named as Android L. This brand new operating system works in smartphones, TVs and cars. The lock screen is reformed to show notifications flying over your mobile screen or wallpaper so you could easily do with them whatever you want. Android L comes with a personal unlock too, with this feature, you won’t need a passcode now, just pair something with your phone and this lock searches for known or paired things to check if your smartphone’s with you or not.

Android L has a feature which is known as “recents” that mixes up windows and your used apps into one container and by doing that, it gives you way to multitask.To enhance battery life, Google has introduced ‘Project Volta’ in Android L. So we hope that there won’t be any battery- timing issue now.


3. Android TV:

Android TV

Google revealed Android TV at the conference. Android Tv is a software that’ll run on your TVs. It’s a combination of Apple TV with Chromecast. You’ll be able to“cast” content to TV and not only this; it’ll also show you popular content, games and applications. Voice search is also a feature of Google TV.


2. Wearable:

wear devices

Google has worked on its wear devices too. Everything is now just a swipe away. By swiping up and down you will be able to navigate through reminders, new messages, alarms and your heart beat rate. On a sleeping Wear device, just tap once, and you have turned on voice controls. Swipe down to turn on don’t disturb mode and enjoy! Google’s smart watches are also out now, not all the versions, but two of them. The incredible LG G is simple and large watch in square shape. Moto 360 is round shaped made of stainless steel and glass.


1. Google in cars, now!

Google in cars, now

After bringing great transformation in smartphones, Televisions, smart watches and tablets, what Google is planning to do next, cars? Yes. They are coming to our cars too! Google in this conference has declared Android Auto. You can connect your smartphone to the car’s screen now. And it’ll control buttons and dials in the car. These are some of the Top News About Google IO Conference 2014.

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