Top 5 new Features in android 5.1

Android 5.0 have just been in market when people crossed their fingers with curious minds for android 5.1. This version has a lot of new changes and opportunities for app developers as well as users in terms of comfort and performance. New version is about the same as its predecessor on the surface but a handful of changes have been made resulting in few comforts for androids users. The new version has already revolutionized the performance of Nexus 6 as it is not slow in changing apps like nexus 5. So, it can be said that the success of Android 5.1 has started with the availability of much snappier Nexus 6 in market. Check here Top 5 new Features in android 5.1.


5. Changed look of Icons

changed look of icon


Coming towards the changes in this version, the first is changed look of icons as they have given a much classier and high tech look to this version. Icons have the inbuilt feature of rotating clockwise whenever they are tapped upon. Android 5.1 also offers better dual SIM support than the old one and subscription manager class can grant information about the SIM currently active on your device.


4. Silent Mode

silent mode

Consider yourself welcome to silent mode after all this time as android 5.1 proudly presents the silent modes to its customers. Priority settings have faced the most minor yet significant change in this new version as it offers the customers to set their priority of interruptions. The interruption preferences can remain at place or been postponed to the next alarm time of your mobile. This can help users to avoid interruptions during night without turning their mobile off because all the interruptions including messages and calls can be postponed until your downtime and they will be received automatically after the time is over.


3. New Drop Down Menu


A new drop down menu has also been placed next to the icon of settings in this version containing the quick links for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi access. This new version has saved users to go deep into the settings for having an access to these options.


2. Sound Quality

sound quality

A few small yet considerable changes in android 5.1 include better sound quality as it was just provided by hand set companies before but now android also paves the way for clear sound calls. It also provides new API’s for the development of apps which is heaven for android app developers. Android users will also get new and improved notification management because they can swipe them away from screen until the notification draw. These notifications have to be slide away entirely in the previous versions of android which could not be accessed again. The Wi-Fi connections in android 5.1 are also better because this version is intelligent enough to know that which connections did not provide better access in the past. feature

security features

Your android can now been secured even after getting stolen with the new security feature of device protection. Your mobile phone will remain unusable after its reset to factory settings but it will only be possible if the device protection feature is enabled. The user will have to gain access to your Google account in order to use the mobile phone but alas this feature cannot get the mobile phone back to original owner. The Android classes named as Http Client and org apache http have been removed from the code so the app developers have to shift their code to URL connection class at their earliest convenience.

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