Top 5 Most Popular Lipstick Brands

Lipstick sounds to be very familiar, no doubt it is an important cosmetic component that enhances not only your lip beauty but also groom your personality. Beautiful and lustrous lipstick colors are always appealing. Lips seem to be very expressive and worthy part of our body as we use them to kiss, to sip, to smile and to appeal anyone. Lip colors not only complete but also complement our makeup. There are various shades of lipsticks and glosses available at different cosmetics’ shops. Lipsticks make us beautiful and pretty, so choosing a right one is extremely important. In this article there is a list of Top 5 Most Popular Lipstick Brands that are renowned for refreshing your lips and are best in quality too.


 5. Estee Lauder

estee lauder

The name of this brand definitely comes to mind when you think about glamour and style. Estee Lauder is the New York’s best brand and was introduced by Estee Lauder and Joseph. Its lipsticks are long lasting and give maximum impact on your lips. It offers incredible color with incredible quality so that you cannot resist yourself to have lipsticks of this brand.


4. Dior


Dior is a prestigious and renowned brand and the thing that makes it more prestigious is that its products are widely used by number of celebrities. This brand offers fine quality products and therefore its products are preferred by numerous makeup artists. You can get latest looks, with vibrant, replenishing lip colors and high quality lipsticks of this brand. It is a luxurious lipstick brand that is extremely reliable and offers best results. Its classic shades of lipsticks are too adorable and you can get a different look even with its little touch.


3. Chanel


This renowned brand not only deals with lipsticks but also with fashion accessories and beauty products. This brand offers lipsticks in various shades and has different finishes so that you can choose according to your choice. For glamorous and stylish look, Chanel lipsticks are awesome. They are light weight and long lasting and are comfortable for its users. If you choose Chanel lipsticks, you can easily get killing looks and there is no doubt in it.


2. Lancôme


It is an affordable and famous lipstick brand in the world that offers wide range of shades and finishes of nail paints, nail polishes, lip glosses and lipsticks. It is a French cosmetics and perfume house that distributes products in all over the world and is the 1st choice of all renowned artists, models, celebrities and fashion experts. Lancôme was established in France in 1935 and since its establishment it offers exclusive services. It designs artistic style products to match the level of quality and beauty of its customers. The lipsticks, lip liners and lip glosses of this brand are available in a broad range of texture and colors that reshape and feed your lips beautifully. It offers matte, sparkling, natural, satiny, luminous, dewy and primer finishes with sheer, medium and intense intensity so you can choose according to your own taste and style. Its lipsticks are long wearing, have intense color and also moisturize your lips giving them a cool and gorgeous look.


1. MAC


It is an interesting and reputable brand like its name. MAC cosmetics is a manufacturer of cosmetics and it’s headquarter lies in New York City. MAC cosmetics is an abbreviation of Make-up Art cosmetics and is also stylized as M.A.C. This prestigious brand was constituted in Toronto, Canada by Frank Angelo and Frank Toskan in 1984 with the help of chemist Vic Casale. Initially the products of the company were offered to professional makeup artists but presently they are sold world widely. This brand is known as one of the leading professional makeup authority of the world due to its matchless expertise in makeup artistry and therefore its products are very exclusive. Although it is an expensive make, not in the range of various individuals but it offers good quality products. Only film stars, models, high class women and celebrities can achieve them easily. The lipsticks of this brand are simply awesome, it offers a huge variety of colors for all fashion lovers each year. There is nothing more erotic and feminine than drop dead gorgeous shades of lipsticks created by MAC. It offers best quality lipsticks and its range carries multiple shades and finishes. This brand is widely renowned for manufacturing a huge variety of lipsticks season after season and hires best makeup artists to create the shades of lipsticks. Whether you want to look classic or modern, want to go on a date or want to rock at the wedding or party, MAC Lipsticks are best for every occasion. They not only enhance your beauty but also make you a center of attraction with many eyes just focusing on you and on your charming lips that are adorned with MAC lipstick. The high quality lipsticks stay on your lips for a prolonged period of time and do not make your lips dry and give you a special look.



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