Top 10 Useful Tools for WordPress Bloggers

Having hard time managing your WordPress blog? What bothers you, the content or other small tasks? Well whatever it is, there`s a subtle solution for everything. Check out the following Top 10 Useful tools for WordPress bloggers list and you might get yours!


10. Screen grab to WordPress:

If you are looking forward to add a bunch of screenshots into your content, Screen Grab to WordPress will be great help for you. This plug-in lets you save web-pages as images and then you can upload them to your content, Simple!


9. WordPress Scanner:



It`s kind of night shift guard which protects your precious from potential and unknown threats (malware and hijacking). WordPress Scanner is available as a web based application which lets you breath by keeping your website safe.

8. Organise Series:

If you got a big topic to cover, what will you do? Write it all off at once and scare your readers? That won`t make sense when you have Organize series. Organize Series is a useful plug-in which provides you a number of options for breaking your posts into understandable reader friendly series, groups or even pages.


7. Broken Link Checker:



The WordPress Plug-in which lets you check your hyperlinks to see if they are working or not. Broken Link Scanner helps you scan (scans can be scheduled) your content and web pages and check for broken links. After full scan, it notifies you of any broken links on dashboard.


6. Insight


A WordPress Plug-in which helps you find information and other media for your content. Insight grants you the ability to search already posted content for specific information in addition of sensitive interface for searching through external websites and services (Wikipedia, YouTube, Facebook and many more) within the WordPress boundary.


5. Twitime:

One for social networking lovers! Twitime allows its user to automatically notify your twitter followers of your new content. Twitime instantly sends a tweet whenever you update, change or publish new content. If you are pleased by this, you might want to check the TwitPress and Twitter tools.


4.Revision Control:

Revision Control


If your content involves a number of authors and editors or if you are busy writing next posts which might take hours to finish, you will find Revision Control quite useful. This plug-in will help you to make different version of a page so you can back up and revert other versions.


3. AdServe:



Do you want to grab the ability to access to sponsored advertisements without any middle men? Well if you do than AdServe is for you. This plug-in lets you display advertisements without the interference of third party scripts or other web services. Apart from that, it`s easily configurable.


2. WordPressHelper:

It doesn`t matter if you are new to WordPress or are experienced blogger, WordPress Helper will always comes handy. This plug-in notifies you of latest WordPress updates such as newer versions, custom key shortcuts and much more at your finger tips.





A Firefox plug-in is at top in our Top 10 Useful Tools for WordPress Bloggers list  which is very useful because it provides a set of features and options for writing posts. With ScribeFire, you can easily drag and drop contents from a number of sources and mange them. You can manage uploaded content and much more.


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