Top 10 Strongest Armies In The World

When it comes to talking about the best army or militaries in the world, it may come as a surprise that the usual names are not really dominating the list anymore. The reason is that several countries are now flourishing and making their defenses stronger to protect their military rights and guard themselves. Top 10 Strongest Armies In The World are as follows:


10. South Korea:

south Korea army

They are much smaller in comparison to the north Korean army and were founded in 1948 when the country got separated into two different states. The armed forces are usually known by the name of the Republic of Korea Armed forces or ROK Armed Forces. The south Korean army has more than 687,000 military personnel currently working and serving the nation.


09. Israel:

Israel Army

This is the country that is always trying to evince its powers and for that have been locked in a series of struggles along its borders for more than five decades now.  The sophistication in training and operation are the major features of this military. The major contributors of their army are their unparalleled military technology as well.


08. Egypt:

egypt army

The army and the military if Egypt currently has more than 468,500 military personnel that are working and serving for the safety and protection of the country and is very well trained and are for the defense purposes.  They are currently training other nations like Arab and African countries with their new and latest technological equipments.


07. Iran:

iran army

This country has most abundant natural resources than any other country in the world which is why the army has long and powerful historical backgrounds and is now consisted of more than 523,000 army personnel for the fortification. They are trained by European as well as American military academies with most of their weapons being provided by the United States Of America.


06. Turkey:


Turkish Armed Forces is supervised by the president of turkey himself and after joining NATO, it started widespread transformation strategies for its Armed Forces counting new machineries and advanced weaponries.


05. Russian Federation:

Russian Federation army

They were established in 1992 and are among the top most countries in the entire world acceding to their nuclear weapons and armaments. There are about 1,040,000 active military members and has more than 2 million reserve military members for the fortification and attending of the people.


04. North Korea:

North KOREA army

People’s Army or the Korean People’s Army was established in 1930 and is consisted of more than 1,106,000 soldiers till date. Special forces and submarine fleet are some of the proud continuing of the military forces  that has made them stand face to face with world powers like United States and South Korea etc.


03. India:

Indian army

Thought it is the second largest populated country of the world but contains about 1,325,000 soldiers that are serving the nation. This country has also 2.1 million standby military personnel that are almost double of the active recruits. It desires a nonstop level of watchfulness because of its border strains with China and battle subjects with Pakistan.


02. United States Of America:

USA Army

The estimation of man power that the army of America is utilizing is more than 1,458,219 individuals. They are also the most trained armies in the entire world and train their volunteers with the high technology nuclear armaments.


01. China:


It is the largest country in term of its population so the system of defense is very complex and composite making it the largest military country in the entire world. The active individuals are about 2,285,000 soldiers. The country has noticeably cut down on importations and is now aiming on evolving ethnic technology. China is at the top in Top 10 Strongest Armies In The World list.

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