Top 10 Sexiest Kpop Girls In 2014

Today Kpop is becoming more and more popular and the reason behind its popularity is not just the music itself but also the beautiful ladies that we get to see in Kpop groups of all-girls. Following are Top 10 Sexiest Kpop Girls In 2014 who are the main reason behind the craziness of all their fans.


10. Im Yoon – Ah:

Im Yoon – Ah

She belongs to south Korea by her birth and was supposedly an integral part of the 2002 SM open casting audition, where she also skilled with numerous other apprentices in the group.   Singing, dancing and acting are some of her major attributes and most of all it’s her looks and body that makes her fans go mad after her.


09. BoA Kwon:

BoA Kwon

Her stage name is BoA which is abbreviated for beat of angel. She is very famous by this name in japan, United States and Korea. After being spotted by the talent agents she had been a part of the SM Entertainment for her training after which she released her own debut album for the first time and got herself the popularity that she has with her looks and performances.


08. Bae Suzy:

Bae Suzy

A native of Gwangju, in South Korea, this girl is a pure seductress and an example of flawless beauty herself.  Though she started as an online shopping model but later became the part of Mnet Superstar K and got trained under the supervision of the JYP Entertainment when she was invigorated by a talent scout.

07. Kim Hyo-Yeon:

Kim Hyo-Yeon

She was born in Incheon and belongs to South Korea and is as beautiful as her singing and performances are seen.  When she was 11 her mother motivated her to visit the SM Entertainment’s offices and then after her successful training and albums she is now among the top most idol dancers in Korea and got thousands of fans all over the world.

06. G.N.A:


When she walks onto the stage, her crowd goes crazy after her, which is why she is among the most popular cube artists that we have these days. All the moves she makes while she dances seem completely effortless, that makes her a very strong member of the group.


05. Hyorin:


A major part of the group Sistar, she has brought much fame to all the other girls in her group as well. She is well toned, sexy, sporty, and an amazing singer and performer and there is nothing that cannot be loved about this girl.  Her songs are catchy and her looks are killer making her look like a diva on the stage.

04. Im Nana:

Im Nana

She is another sexy and hot Kpop artist who is not just famous for her songs and tunes but also because of her body and flawless face. She has been a part of the Asia-Pacific Super Model contest in 2009, and also of the Girls Award Runway, in Japan.  In addition to her talents she is also a qualified makeup artist, with a prevailing association at a trustworthy Makeup Artists Association.


03. Lee Chae-rin:

Lee Chae-rin

Lee Chae-rin is included in this Top 10 Sexiest Kpop Girls In 2014 list.She was born in Seoul in South Korea but has also lived in Japan and France as well with her family. She can sing in many languages including English, Japanese, Korean and French and is most acknowledged for her first success song called “Into”, which she chronicled in 2007.


02. Jun Hyoseong:

Jun Hyoseong

South Korea’s most famous singer and dancer is probably the one and only Jun Hyoseong and is also the main vocalist and dancer of the Kpop band Secret. She was before a part of the group called Five Girls but she left that group in order to gain many opportunities in the industry.


01. Yoon Bora:

Yoon Bora

In Top 10 Sexiest Kpop Girls In 2014 list we have here a famous name Yoon Bora.Her stage name is Bora and she is the most celebrated rapper and dancer of Sistar and Sistar 19 groups on Kpop industry. At this time, this brilliant artist is majoring in Music at the Myongji University as she understands the value of education and wishes to have a prosperous career.

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