Top 10 Sexiest Female Athletes 2015

Sports have been a major part of most of the people’s life and as much as men are taking part in national and international games; Beautiful and hottest female athletes  are no longer behind them and are taking equal participation in the sports along with their male counterparts. Top 10 Sexiest Female Athletes 2015 are listed below:


10. Caroline Wozniacki:


She is the most dazzling and sexy tennis star and being only 23 years old, she has travelled to most of the countries in the world and has been into sports since she was only seven years old. Her tennis moves are as sexually appealing as her looks and body are which is why she is getting a variety of endorsements and advertisements as well.


09. Soo Yeon Lee:


She has been playing table tennis since she was only nine years old and is getting her training since then and everyone is now noticing how well her training is paying her off.  She has unique playing style and that focused on defense and spin variation in order to win. With her sharp looks and flawless skin she is also currently modeling for Nike and Red Bull etc.


08. Ronda Rousey:


The martial arts champion, Ronda Rousey is a beautiful and doll looking personality. She is a 26 year old blonde and is very ambitious and has all her goals set in the position In Beijing, she earned an Olympic medal for Judo. She’s easily a knock-out who could knock you out.


07. Hilary Knight:


She started playing hockey when she was just nine years old and made it her passion and career when she played for the Wisconsin in 2007.  She gained the attention of all of her fans as well as US Olympic officials with the sweet and cute looks she has got and has now become the leading figure in women’s hockey around the world.


06. Stephanie Rice:


Swimming champion, Stephanie Rice though is always seen in her swimsuit but apart from her profession she is another stunner herself. She is not just an Olympic gold medalist but also an ESPY winner as well and with her assassin body, it’s no misgiving that in count to flouting records, and she’s breaching many hearts wide-reaching as well.


05. Maria Sharapova:


She is an immigrant from Russia to America and until she was found by the International Management Group (IMG), she used to live a confounded life.  But she kicked all the setbacks in her life and is currently among the most successful yet good looking tennis player of the world with an amazing features and better chances to play in the future games.


04. Marta Menegatti:

Marta Menegatti

Famous volley ball player, Her professional debut was at Barcelona in 2009 along with Greta Cicolari and since then her career is on a roll and with the looks she has, it is impossible for her to not have a great future ahead.


03. Antonija Misura:

Antonija Misura

She has followed the footsteps of her older sister and just like her; Antonija Misura is also a basketball star. Her remarkable capabilities on the court commanded to her serving her team in the Croatian Cup in 2008. Antonija then went on to top Croatia to a bronze medal victory in the 2009 Mediterranean Games.


02. Alex Morgan:


The famed soccer star, Alex Morgan is a mesmerizing beauty herself. She is not just very successful at her career but her endowments and contracts are making her go top where there is much fame and money.


01. Michelle Jenneke:



Michelle Jenneke is at top in Top 10 Sexiest Female Athletes 2015 listShe is trying to outshine at the sport she plays every single day and this is the main reason behind her success along with the good looks she has got.  Michelle has been working out for hurdling occasions since she was ten years old and was able to get a first place victory in 2010 for the one-hundred meter hurdles at the Australian Junior Championships.

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