Top 10 richest people in 2014

There are two possible ways of earning money.1st money from money while 2nd is money from hardworking. As a nature of fact initially both are required to get established after that then there is a possibility of change. The only constant thing in this planet earth is a “change”. That’s the reason there is a constant change of ranking with respect to different criteria in every field of life. Presented below is the list of Top 10 richest people in 2014.These people have an annual turn out of billions of dollars utilizing in a way that it is further increasing day by day. Let’s have a look on their net worth and source of income not only for information but also for sharpening our own minds in order to follow the market trend.


10.Jim Walton


This multi talented person is a youngest son of world renewed person Sam Walton .Sam Walton was the founder of the world’s largest retail setup called as “Wal-Mart”. Comparative to the last year Jim Walton succeeded to increase its worth by 3 billion dollar which eventually raised his rank in the list of more riches people of the world. Now its net worth is round about $34.7 right in 2014.While in 2015 Jim Mart subsided his own brother on the Wall-Mart Board of Directors and now his current designation is related to Strategic Planning and he is working as an active person in the Finance committees also. Besides successfully dealing his family business Jim Walton is also acting as the CEO of Arvest Bank which is also somewhat related to his family.


9. Christy Walton 

Chirsty Walton has a net worth of about $36.7 billion which is more than his brother –in –Law Jim Walton. Chirsty Walton is the one and only woman included in the list. Basically she is the widow of Sam Walton’s daughter .Whatever her reference is if she has something worthy it simply means she also have guts to mange this all.


8.Sheldon Adelson

Sheldon Adelson is on the eight position in this list having the net worth of $38 billion.Source of his worth is casino as he is the chief executive officer of Las Vegas Sands Corporation  which is basic parent of Venetian Macao Limited but this is not only the source of his success but he also own the Israel HaYom a well known newspaper there. Sheldon Adelson is also playing his significant role in charity for Israeli under the roof of his own foundation Adelson Foundation.


7.David Koch

David Koch is a multi talented and multidimensional person known in US .As he has diversified source of income. He is not only the executive vice president of Koch industries which is the second largest private company in the US but also very much active in political and use to run campaigns and donate for them there. This is not the end though he is a chemical engineer but he is also fond of an art that’s the reason he use to contribute to the American Museum of Natural History and the Lincoln center. His net worth is $ 40 billion.


6.Charles Koch 

Chaeles koch is the brother of David Koch securing the same ranking being having the same worth of about $40 billion.He’s the second person leading the Koch Industries.Charles koch having the designation of chief executive officer right in Koch Industries.Like his brother he is also in charitable programs related to the Mercatus Center at George Mason University , Humane Studies and the Cato Institute.


5.Larry Ellison

Larry Elison the person related to the latest technology.He is the Chief Executive Officer of Oracle which is an internationally renowned American multinational computer technology corporation based on specialized hardware systems  belong to California.Last year he was declared as the 3rd wealthiest person in America .He has net worth of $48 billion which is round about $ 8 billion more than the Koch brothers.Besides Oracle Larry is also stakeholders of Net Suite, Astex Pharmaceuticals, Sale force & Quark Biotechnology.Not only this Larry also coordinated with Warren Buffet and Bill Gates as a billionaires to sign the “The Giving Pledge” to support philanthropic causes.


4.Warren Buffet

Source of wealth of Warren Buffet is Berkshire Hathaway as he is acting CEO, chairman and shareholder of Berkshire Hathaway and his net wealth is round about $58.2 billion.There is a net difference of $10 billion between Warren & Wilson worth.Warren is admire by his  remarkable financial and investing admire.


3.Amancio Ortega


Amancio Ortega’s  is a Spanish founder of the well known Spanish Clothing Company The Inditex Fashion which its most successful brand as Zara Clothing.With the net wealth of $ 64 billion he is ranked at number 3.

2.Carlos Slim Helu


Now ranking is number 2 in the world ranking for richest people while from 2010-2013 he was securing the leading position.He belongs to the field of communication .His net worth is $72 billion.He deals with several Mexican Companies.He is also an acting chairman and chief executive of Telmex & America Movil  well famed telecommunication companies.Though he is a business minded person but also very much in , in the charitable tasks.


1.Bill Gates

After few years finally Bill Gates secured his position as the leading person on the list .Though the source of his earning is Microsoft  as his the CEO chairman & chairman in the company but Bill Gates is also famous being philanthropist, American investor,programmer & inventor.He is kind hearted and working a lot against health issues and poverty.

So it was the latest list of the most richest people of the world  right in 2014.Though money wealth resources matter a lot but it is the only factor success and satisfaction.The most important ingredient of a happy life is satisfaction. Secondly don’t work for wealth but for your craze and passion wealth and fame will eventually follow you then.


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