Top 10 Richest Cricketers In 2015

Cricket is not just a sport that hundreds and thousands of people love, but it is a field and a career that has made people popular and rich over many years. With their excellent performances and millions of fan followings, a lot of cricket players demand great sum of money by charging top brands heavily and this is why even top brands are willing to hire them as their brand ambassadors. The Top 10 Richest Cricketers In 2015 are:


10. Suresh Raina:

Suresh Raina

He is said to have signed a number of commercials and advertisements and is rich and famous because he is also the member of the Indian Premier League. Although he is a new player but has earned a net income of about five million dollars in 2014 and has total net worth of 25 million dollars. this might increase in the near future.


9. Chris Gayle:

Chris Gayle

A famous West Indies cricketer, Chris Gayle is also included in this list because his bowling skills are very sharp and can make any player nervous when he is on the pitch for the game. His estimated net worth is 30 million dollars which he has earned from playing cricket as well as by working in many commercials and endorsements combined.


8. Michael Clark:

Michael Clarke

He too have an estimated net worth of 34.5 million dollars because he is one of the finest cricket player in the world. He is the star player of Austrialian team and has made consecutive runs in ODI matches and test matches making him the highest paid cricketer. His sponsors are Spartan sports, Gillette, Bonds


7. Rohit Sharma:

Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma who currently has a very good cricket career for the coming years.  He has very good batting skills and last year he has also made some record breaking moves in the Indian Premier League so people are expecting much from him in the near future. His net earrings are about 36 million dollars so far.


6.Virender Sehwag:

Virender Sehwag

He is the star of Indian cricket with approximate earnings of about 40 million dollars.  He has played some legendary matches in his times and still has some great endorsements deals in his pockets that he has signed and will sign in the near future. His sponsors are Fila , Hero Honda and Royal Challenges.


5. Shane Watson:

Shane Watson

The best bowler and batsman of Australia is Shane Watson and have done some amazing jobs in his cricket career until now. His estimated net value is 40 million dollars that he has earned both from his profession and his endorsements.


4. Gautam Gambhir:

Gautam Gambhir

Another Indian player Gautam Gambhir is on number eight on this list because his net financial value is about $44 Million. Half of this income is known to have come from his cricket career while other half he has made through working and signing various TV ads and commercials.


3. Virat Kohli:

Virat Kohli

He is the highest paid cricketer of the Indian Premier League and play for the Bangalore Royal Challengers. He has an estimated net worth of about 46 million dollars. He is the brand ambassadors of some leading brands like Nike, PepsiCo and Toyota and around USD 4 Million of his total earnings were from endorsements for products.


2.Shahid Afridi:

Shahid Afridi

Boom Boom Afridi has earned about 47 million dollars until now from his cricket career because he is an all-rounder player who is said to be the highest paid cricketer in BPL, SPL and APL as of 2014.


1. M S Dhoni:

MS Dhoni

He is the top notch player of the world and has made over 65 million dollars until now. He is said to have at least twenty five endorsements, each of which pay 1 Million dollars annually. Asset of his high incomes, he is also amongst the highest tax paying people in India.

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