Top 10 Richest Countries In The World

The amount of GDP per capita is considered as the criteria to measure the wealth of any country because in turn implies to the fact that the people living over there have stable incomes per month and they have  a proper access to the better goods and services being a citizen of that country. Top 10 Richest Countries In The World are:


10. Kuwait:

The average GDP of the country is about 43,700 dollars making it one of the richest countries present in Middle East Asia. They are the leading oil producers of the region and this abundance of oil is the sole reason why this country is among the leading export commodities of the world.  The population of Kuwait is also very small that makes it easy for the country to stay rich.


09. Switzerland:

Since the per capita GDP of this country is $45,285.8, it is among the richest countries of the world and is still working hard on diversifying and enhancing the economy in a much better way. The major source of income is top quality goods and services that get them much enhanced market and much more money for the citizens.


08. United Arab Emirates:

The current GDP of the country is $48,992.47 per capita and is now the best place in the world to live in.  The system of the government activities is very stable and the fact that they have abundant oil reserves and tourism in the country, their money is in the continuous roll, giving them a lot of money in return.  The architectural projects in the country make it a better place for the tourists thus increasing their chances to earn great foreign exchange.


07. United States of America:

They have the largest economy among all the countries in this list and have the per capita GDP of about $49,820.15. The major reason why their economy is so boost up is because of their stable and efficient government and the fact that they are foremost manufacturer of IT products in the entire globe plus their entertainment industries are very well established as well.


06. Brunei Darussalam:

Despite of the small amount of population this country has got. The per capita GDP is $50.400 and comes from the revenues and incomes generated by the natural gas and crude oil industries.


05. Hong Kong:

They have diversifies and improved the economy of their country over the last few years and now the per capita GDP of Hong Kong is about $50,708.95. The major portions of the incomes are generated from the tourism and the transport in the country and because the government system is efficient and stable the economy of the country is expanding day by day.


04. Norway:

This is called as the Land of the Rising Sun and has the per capita GDP of $55,264.45 with only five million people living here. The reserves of seafood like fishes along with the agriculture products and edible stuff like coffee, makes most of it income and revenue.


03. Singapore:

$60,833.33 is the current per capita GDP of the country and with the most stable political system, Singapore the affairs of the country have their own smooth flow and drift. The tourism and food industry are the major reason behind a successful economy of the country.


02. Luxembourg:

With a per capita GDP of $80,679.06 this country deals with the sales of its own steel and iron made products that generates more than half of the income in the region.


01. Qatar:

Qatar has made it to the top of the list of Top 10 Richest Countries In The World because of the per capita GDP of $102,768.69. The major incomes are from the petroleum and oil reserves in the country and have got the best mining sector of pearls in the entire world as well.  The living standards of the citizens are very high and there is no tax on the income approach as well.

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