Top 10 Most Haunted Places in the World

Earth is a most beautiful place and there are many places which are not less than the wonders of the world. But at the same time there are places which are so terrifying and dangerous that people forgot all things at such places and just think about to save the life.

These places are alarming places of the world and people from all over the world feel fear of such places that is why near these places there is no populations and these are still far from the residential areas of the world. These places on the earth look stranger and are most alien places. Top 10 Most Haunted Places in the World are mentioned here in this list.


10. Madidi National Park, Bolivia national park

This is a scary place of the world and the people who visit this place for the purpose of their research they feel fear. Days and nights at this place are equal and there is fear at all times of the day. There are cries of the mysterious and dangerous animals at night time and even during the day. There are feelings of horrors and more horrors when someone passes from here. There are dangers and heart feeling voices of pigs and other animals. Parasitic insects, ants and birds infest the human mind and even the leaves of this park and also dangerous and if someone touches these leaves he fall senseless for several hours. This is a natural scary place of the world.


9. Gomantong Cave, Malaysia Gomantong Cave, Malaysia

It is a haunted place in the world where the bravest and strongest person of the world may fall with fear. There is darkness at all times of the day as the trees and leaves are so high the sunlight cannot pass from these tress. The cries of bats, birds, animals create a sense of horror and these animals; even eat one another when they find no other food. Cockroaches in these caves are harmful and if they touch the human body person may fall senseless due to the poison attached to the body of the cockroach. Sometimes there is pin drop silence and it is also dangerous and full of horror. It is a natural scary place and instead of such tough and hard conditions in this place the life of animals in this place in going onward and no one has the power to destroy this place.


8. Death Valley

Death Valley

As the name indicates this is most dangerous and horrible place of the world. It is hottest, lowest and driest place in the North America and its name has an impact on the life at this place. It is located in the lowest part of the mountains and is 140 meters long. The temperature of this place is 155 Fahrenheit and there are water valleys which are also dangerous and harmful.


7. Australia


This place is famous as the most beautiful place in the world, but there are some horrible and dangerous places also and these are so dangerous that human life is impossible at these places only due to fear and horror at such places. The cries of snakes, tigers and dangerous animals can take the life of sensitive persons. The crocs in this place kills one or two person each year. Animals of this place are very aggressive for their land and due to their aggressiveness no one can think about to kill these animals and to destroy the location.


6. Central Africa

Central Africa scariest place


This area is also one of the most dangerous and haunted place of the world. This area is also famous as the place of most lighting strikes. The average lighting strikes in this place are 30,000 amps of charge. Every year, more than 60 people are killed in this place by animals and due to the fear of the forest.


5. Komodo Island, Indonesia


Komodo Island, Indonesia

This place is famous due to the dangerous animals at this place. The animals of this place are so terrifying that the person may die just by seeing the animals, even without any touch by the animals. The lizards and snakes of the places are more dangerous than from whole world’s scariest places.


4. Antarctica


It is also known as the coldest and darkest place of the world. The silence and voice of the water fall in this place looks very horrible and dangerous.


3. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana

Its history is more than 200 years and it is till the very dangerous and driest place of the world. The animals of this place are very dangerous.


2. Catacombs, Paris, France

Catacombs, Paris, France

Paris is the most beautiful and advance country of the world and still there is the most dangerous and haunted place of the world. The animals of this place are most crazy for animal met and they eat the people they find near their location and are termed as the horrible and dangerous animals of the world.


1.Underground Vaults, Edinburgh, Scotland Underground Vaults, Edinburgh, Scotland

As the name indicates, these underground vaults are horrible and driest place of the world. These are reported in 1785 and still are the Most Haunted Place in the World.


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