Top 10 Most Expensive Wine Brands

The use of wine is more in this era as compared to the previous. People have different tastes and likings so they all like wine of different brands and their likings about flavor also vary. In the world there are so many wine brands and each is producing wine according to the cultures and trends about wine of any particular country and society. The Top 10 Most Expensive Wine Brands of the world are mentioned here in this list.


10. Chateau Lafite (1787) – $160,000

10. Chateau Lafite


It is the most expensive wine brand in the world. It is also one of the oldest wine brands as it has a history of 150 years. The color of this wine is blackish red and the smell and tastes are different according to the tastes of the consumers. It is available in different flavors and the most famous flavors of this wine used are mushroom and cheese. This is one of the best wines which everyone can afford.


9. Chateau Mouton-Rothschild Jeroboam (1945) – $114,614

9. Chateau Mouton-Rothschild Jeroboam


This is also one of the most famous and common wine brand. This wine brand is playing a major part in the development of the country. It is also one of the oldest wines as it was also used during the Second World War. The nose of this wine is quite unique and redolent. This wine is of deep, dark and thick color. There is assign of V on the chest of the bottle which represent that it is the most expensive wine. This wine is liked all over the world and is known as the extraordinary wine.


8. Screaming Eagle Cab (1994) – $80,000)

8. Screaming Eagle Cab


It is more curious and expensive wine of the world. One who drinks this wine once can never leave its drink age. It is fairly the most expensive wine and is sold at large scale and more common among the players and military men. The price of this wine changed from time to time. It is the most famous and most commonly used wine from all expensive wines of the world. Like its tastes and colors the price of this wine is also high.


7. Penfold Grange Hermitage (1951) – $56,988)

7. Penfold Grange Hermitage


It is the most expensive wine that exists today and it is not available commercially and it is used for experiments and till time its 160 cases are recorded now one can image the potency of this wine. This wine has a strong historical background and one cannot find it easily. It is an experimental wine and is rarely available. It is also expensive due to its historical background.


6. Chateau d’Y quem (1784) – $56,588)

6. Chateau d’Y quem


The purchase of this wine requires the strong financial resources and heavy amount. The most common thing which attracts people toward itself is the sign of the “V” at the chest of the bottle. This wine was also used during the world war two showing the sign of peace. This wine has deep and dark, thick colors and it is available in black and coffee color. This wine also has a strong historical perspective. The sign of peace “V” at the chest of the bottle make it more expensive than others.


5. Massandra Sherry (1775) – $43,500)

5. Massandra Sherry


This is one of the oldest wines of the world as it was recognized in 1775. The bottle and tastes of the wine has no match in the world. Due to its high price it is rarely available commercially because very rare people can afford this wine. First time it was produced by the Russian Winery Massandra. The more age of this wine is the main reason of its high price.


4. Romanee Cont, DRC (1990) – $28,112)

4. Romanee Cont, DRC


It is an exquisite white wine and it is also the oldest wine of the world. This wine is made of grapes and is the most expensive wine of the world. It is made is France and this wine is a unique from all others and the vines of this wine are ungrafted and from 1956 total 600 vines of this drink are prepared. The tastes and flavor of the wine is unique and different from all others.


3. Montrachet (1978) – $23,929

3. Montrachet


This wine is at the top of the best wines of the world and is the most commonly used wine of the world. The high price of the wine includes many factors and the market prices of the Vineyard and the design of the bottle and the owner requirements.


2. The Beringer

2. The Beringer


Tits is one of the most satisfying and delighted wines of the world. The tastes and flavor of this wine is best than all others and the price of the wine is also high. The price of its one bottle is $30,999. It is rarely available due to its high prices.


 1.Kendall Jackson

1.Kendall Jackson


This wine is at the top of all the expensive wines of the world. This is one of the oldest wines of the world as it starts its production in 1756. The price of its one bottle is 40,879.

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