Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries in 2015

There are always two sides of town, the good and the bad. Today we will talk about the bad side, which country is worst place to live in and where you should not be living in. which country should be avoided and why should it be. Enlisted are Top 10 most Dangerous Countries in 2015.



The Nile valley of Sudan, formally the largest country in Africa until 2011, is a country suffering from poor human rights. The country suffered from two civil wars and a war. Still there are many disputed areas and going there ensures death only. Abyei Area, Hala’ib Triangle, Bir Tawil, kafia Kingi and Random national park etc are among disputed areas of Sudan.




Officially known as United Mexican States, it is 3th largest independent nation in the world! Mexico is known for drug war and homicide rate is said to be around 18 per 100,000 individuals. It is said that Mexican drug cartel has more or less 100,000 active members and that makes it one of the most dangerous Countries to live in!




With homicide rate of 81 deaths per 100,000 individuals, Honduras is a Republic in Central America which is really a troubled state. The country was pinned by UNDP as highest homicide rate in the World and major reason of violence is Drug and gang wars. Country suffers from political instability too.


7.Dominican Republic


The major reason of wars and illegal activities in Dominican Republic is because of Drug trade and black-drug-money transactions from all over the world. The safe sides of Dominican Republic are beaches and most of violence is local to local. Dominican Republic has ninth largest economy in the Latin America and tries to fight the drug shipments and money laundering.




A landlocked country in Central Africa, Chad is one of most poorest and corrupted country in the world. The country is under political violence and is ranked fourth in failed state index of 2012. 80% people living under poverty line and how can a state law be implemented? Even the humanitarian rights workers are brutally killed there.


5.South Africa


With 50 murders daily, and rape ratio of one out of every three women raped in past year. Car high jacking are also too high due to which there are boards saying “car hijacking hotspot” the middle class lives in gated communities and private security companies are more active there as registered number of private guards is nearly 400,000 which is higher than of South African Police/Army.


4.Central African Republic


Bordered by Chad in north and Sudan in northeast, Central African Republic is one of political unstable countries in the world with highest murder/illegal activity rates. The country is going under large Muslim massacre and people are fleeing the country. The country’s own government advises not to travel alone and strictly prohibits going through some areas.




Homicide rate is counted in minutes i.e. one kill per 21 minute! Venezuela is under drug trafficking and since the discovery of oil reserves, Venezuela is under heavy gang war since. According to rule of law index, it is last country with law. Other countries are not harmful for travelers but when it comes to Venezuela, it is especially harmful for travelers and UN has warned all the visitors that they might be held for ransom, robbed or sold to terrorist organizations. UN’s own Diplomatic travelers are required to travel by armored vehicles. With total prison capacity of 14,000, Venezuela has 44,000 prisoners!




Second most dangerous country to live in, Nigeria is one of worst republic in the world. Most people refer to it as Oil Cursed. The country’s political system is corrupted to its roots. The drug trade grows stronger due to under development and most of crimes are committed by Official Security forces.




Iraq is ranked at top in Top 10 most Dangerous Countries in 2015 list.The report suggest 2013 was the worst year of killings in Iraq since 2008 but what’s happening now in Iraq is truly beyond humanity. The country is facing new threat in cloak of ISIS, whose head calls himself Caliphate and has issued capture and kill order for every other Sect of Muslims.Not only this the ISIS keen on destroying every shrine in Iraq and claims authority of whole Muslim world.

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