Top 10 Korean Movies In 2014

Apart from European or American originated films, a lot of people has started liking watching Korean movies as well because most of them are looking for something different to watch other than mainstream Hollywood movies.  Now people like to watch movies with new and refreshing plots and stories and this year’s Korean moves are just the right one to get so. The Top 10 Korean Movies In 2014 are:


10. New World:

New World

Another famous crime and thriller movie of 2014 is New World which has been produced by Hoon Jung Park who is a renowned director who before becoming such a brilliant director was a scriptwriter and made his way up in the industry. New World is a movie about significant people in the criminality world and it landscapes a glut of attractive office edifices, million-dollar cars etc.


09. The Berlin File:

The Berlin File

There are three components to this movie and this is why it is a perfect blend of the drama, action and thriller genres. It is an example of a fanciful movie directed and written by the imaginative Seung Ryoo. The suspense that has kept during the entire movie will leave you with a memorization in the end for sure.


08. Oldboy:


It is one of the most famous korean movies at the moment and is a remake of the movie by same name which was released about ten years ago.  The previous version was a success and so does its remake has maintained the same quality bar.


07. Nobody’s Daughter Haewon:

Nobody’s Daughter Haewon

A famous and loved South Korean drama movie of is Nobody’s Daughter Haewon.  It has been directed and written by the well-known Hong Sang-Soo and it basically shows the life of a young, depressed woman whose mother left for Canada and about the twists and turns of her life.


06. Man on a Ledge:

Man on a Ledge

A very celebrated and delightful comedy movie which has been directed by none other than Jo Jin Kyu is a must watch Korean movie this year.  It has been viewed and reviewed by millions of people already and was even portion of the widespread International Film Festival that took place in Shanghai, and the reason why it has become widely held is largely because of the plentiful world-notorious actors that have performed in it.


05. Target:


A remake of a French thriller, Target is all about compact action and drama that will keep you awe-struck after you have finished watching the entire story.


04. The Attorney:

The Attorney

The fascinating nature of this korean movie is the sole reason why it is present in the top ten Korean moves of the year.  It is a story about the former president and is majorly bout the Roo Moo-Hyun first year all the way back from when he an outstanding advocate. If you are a history enthusiastic person, you are bound to watch this movie.


03. Koala:


Released during the Seoul film festival, this movie has gained much popularity in most of the countries.  The movie revolves around common people and it structures two young men who make a corporate with the aim of making it nurture immense in the forthcoming and the scenarios that happens will surely be pleasing as well as emotional for you.


02. No Breathing:

No Breathing

This movie has been directed by Jo Yong Sun and written by Yoo Young Ah and is a sports related movie with ts plot majorly focusing on the extremely competitive world of swimming. This is a science fiction action film that is grounded on a French novel called Le-Transperceneige, and it features some very prevalent Korean actors and actresses.


01. Tazza 2:

Tazza 2

Extension of the previous version, Tazza 2 is at number one position in this Top 10 Korean Movies In 2014 list.  The movie is about the world of gambling and betting and revolves around the ways people can take advantage of one another in order to be successful and make huge sum of money.

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