Top 10 Hottest Miss Universe Girls Ever

Miss Universe contest is no doubt one of the most amazing and excited beauty contest ever in the entire world and so every pretty girl wishes to win this title and work really hard to get its prestigious rewards but only those who are not just beautiful but are full of confidence get to be Miss Universe. Top 10 Hottest Miss Universe Girls Ever are:


10. Rozalia Mancewicz:

Rozalia Mancewicz

She was born on 27th June, 1987 and belongs to Melbourne, Australia.  She has a polished figure and personality and this s why she was also awarded with the title of Miss Polonia in 2010.  She has represented her country Poland in all the beauty pageants she has been in and has received much appreciation from both the judges and the audiences.


09. Sushmita Sen:

Sushmita Sen

She is not just Miss Universe but has also been awarded with the title of Miss India at the age of 21 only. She is probably one of the most elegant and classy actresses that Bollywood has.  She is known for her looks and killer smile and also her taste in clothes, shoes and fashion, making her a shining star and the Hottest Miss Universe ever.


08. Anedie Azael:

Anedie Azael

Anedie Lucrece Azael is a very famous model, activist and a former contestant of Miss Universe contest held in 2011 that took place in Brazil.  She has been on the designation of Miss Universe Haiti 2011 at the karibe Convention center title as well where her figure, her boldness and her beauty was completely cherished and respected.


07. Pia Pakarinen:

Pia Pakarinen

She is a Finnish born beauty queen and Finnish Beauty Pageant titleholder as well and she represented her homeland Finland in the Miss Universe beauty contest during 2011. She used to be a very shy girl but because much more confident after being a part of such contest. She is at number 7 in our Top 10 Hottest Miss Universe Girls Ever list.


06. Vanessa Ceruti:

Vanessa Ceruti

She belongs to Santiago, Chile and is among the most famous Chilean models in the entire globe.  She had been on the title of Miss Universe Chile 2011 because she had astonished everyone not just with her body and good looks but her confidence and walk made it much easier for her to win the title over other girls.


05. Xhesika Berberi:

Xhesika Berberi

She is an Albanian model and was born in Tirana, Albania.  She is one of the hottest Miss Universe Girls ever see on TV screen mainly because her blue eyes and long legs are more than enough to mesmerize anyone of her beauty.  Before winning Miss Universe Albania 2011 title she had taken part in Ford Supermodel contest as well, marking her presence in the modeling industry.


04. Zuleyka Rivera:

Zuleyka Rivera

Zuleyka Rivera is at number 4 in ouTop 10 Hottest Miss Universe Girls Ever list. She was born on October 3rd 1987 in Puerto Rico and has been entitled with the labels of Miss Puerto Rico Universe and Miss Universe 2006.  With those killer looks and smile she has also managed to make her place in the acting career and has worked in some of the famous Puerto Rican movies like Cosita Linda, Aurora and Dame Chocolate etc.


03. Alicia Machado:

alicia-machado-1577 (1)

Her full name is Yoseph Alicia Machado Fajardo and she is world’s famous singer, actress, TV show host and a model.  In 1995 she won the title of Miss Venezuela and was crowned with the title of Miss Universe in 1996.


02.Justine Pasek:

Justine Pasek

Eternal beauty, Justine Pasek is a Ukrainian born Panamanian model.  Being a model she has won many contests such as Senorita Panama Universe in 2001 and was crowned as Miss Universe in 2002 and since then she is representing Miss Universe Organization in all the events and happenings until now.


01. Jennifer Hawkins:

Jennifer Hawkins

This Australian beauty queen is on number one of this Top 10 Hottest Miss Universe Girls Ever list because she is not just a very well established and gorgeously shaped model but is a great TV presenter as well. During 2004 she was crowned with the title of Miss Universe Australia and in the same year she also won the title of Miss Universe.

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