Top 10 Hottest Female DJs 2015

DJs are the soul of any major party and without them; there can be no good music because they are so much advanced in what they do.  Top 10 Hottest Female DJs 2015 are given below.


10. Juicy M:

Juicy M

She is the babe of the year and is a popular DJ as well. Since she is from Ukrainian, we all ca imagine how she got those extraordinarily good looks and body. It is true if said that her fame has increased over the past few days because of her hot appeal and charming personality.


09. Keli Hart:

Keli Hart

She has an incredible appearance on the floor that cannot be ignored whose sole reason is not just the music that she plays but the striking looks she has got, are enough to draw attention of hundreds of people towards her.  Her dark hair and fair skin makes her features pop out even more.


08. Claudia Cazacu:


She is a newbie in the industry but her hotness and good looks has gotten herself some serious attention in the industry. She has some recent gig destinations all over the world that includes Vegas, Sweden, Italy and Portland etc, making her travel worldwide so she can build herself the kind of living she has hoped for.


07. Mari Ferrari:

Mari Ferrari

She is famous for the fashionable clubs, she plays her music in but what makes her differ from others is her skin color and her killer bold and sexy looks. Despite the young age she has, she is traveling all around the world and building herself a career that will pay her off much better.


06. Niki Belucci:


Her looks are erotic, her music is graceful and is filled with charm and beauty that is rare to find.  She portrays freedom; sexuality and vibe that make all her performances stand out when compared to the rest of the girls in the list. She can perform very well under pressure which is why more and more opportunities are rising for her in the near future.


05. Lisa Kensington:

Lisa Kensington

She is from New York and is currently working as a very renowned model and DJ. Her way of playing music is quite unique and has different style and elegance that no one can match. She mixes up ethic and sexy vocals all together that matches her personality and lightens up the entire place.

04. Tenashar:


She belongs to Asia and is considered as one of the most gorgeous DJs alive on this earth. Since Asian are undoubtedly the hottest and the most pretty looking people in the world, She has got an edge over the other girls in the field.  Her face is innocent but her body and way of playing music makes her presence even more sensual.


03. Ane Teri:

Ane Teri

She is a Ukrainian DJ and is at number third in the list of hottest DJs in the world. She is so pretty and sexy that she can get away with anything when playing in VIP clubs and parties.  Her demand is very high these days because of the popularity she is gaining with her looks and her natural hot attraction.


02. Tamara Sky:

Tamara Sky

Her figure is almost to perfection and the fact that she is very beautiful, makes her even more charming when she plays.She is very good at boosting up the music of any party and is able to catch everyone attention because of her slim and thin body that makes her even hotter than she already is.


01. Seherezade:


She has been a very famous DJ since the last few years. She is famous because she is not just fabulous but is bold, sexy and got glamorous looks in her who might be because she has been a former model as well and has done some sizzling photo-shoots for FHM. Her personality is very appealing and it is so mesmerizing to watch her whenever she plays in any party. We rated her at number 1st position in Top 10 Hottest Female DJs 2015 list.

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