Top 10 Fastest Motorbikes In The World

Most of games require one ball, but racing takes two! Owning a fast bike is not just the coolest thing in the world, it also requires a good rider. When you are riding on speed more than 200km/h, you surely will forget all the problems, it will be just you and your ride, that’s the ultimate definition of love!  Fast bikes are great, but when we are talking about Top 10 Fastest Motorbikes In The World, you’ll need some more guts to read this article further.


10.Ducati 1098S:

Ducati 1098S

You want inspiration? You should get a Ducati 1098S! , Ducati 1098S packs powerful engine of 1099CC with 160BHP and top speed of 271Km/h.


9.BMW K1200 S

BMW K1200 S

If it’s about the looks, BMW K1200 is the bike to go for! Powered by 16 Valve, 4 valves per cylinder engine of 1157CC with long body, it handles quite well. The 164BHP DOHC engine makes it go as fast as 274km/h. It is one of the greatest bikes ever produced as you can rely on it for long fast road trips.


8.Aprilia RSV 1000R Mille

Aprilia RSV 1000R Mille

Aprilia RSV Mille is one speed demon on the roads. 998CC V-Twin Engine with horsepower of 141; it can reach a top speed of 278KM/h. Slipper clutch, six speed transmission and fuel injection make it one of the fastest bikes in the world.


7.Kawasaki Ninja

Kawasaki Ninja

One of the most anticipated Superbikes in the world, Kawasaki Ninja is one of the fastest bikes that went into production. Kawasaki Ninja series has many types, categories, but the ZX-14 is the fastest! It comes with engine of 1352CC DOHC, Liquid cooled and four valves per cylinders. It is capable of touching top speed of 299Km/h. Horsepower of 186, Transmission of six speed makes it stable at the highest of speeds.


6.MV Agusta F4

MV Agusta F4

From the designer of the Ducati 916, MV Agusta is one of Superbikes with four valves per cylinder engine, the engine is of 1078CC and goes as fast as 186MPH! The F4 100 has many upgrades/types, namely F4 R312, F4 CC, F4 Veltro, F4 AGO, F4 1000S, F4 Tamburini, and F4 1000R.


5.Yamaha YZF R1

Yamaha YZF R1

DOHC powered 16 Valve 998CC liquid cooled engine, Yamaha YZF R1 was the fastest bike back in 1998! YZF goes as fast as 270Km/h, fuel consumption of 8.0L/100Km. Yamaha YZF R1 is still under major changes and the company is working hard to keep it up to date and who knows, the new version might be the world’s fastest again! New version of Yamaha YZF comes with traction control and is featured in MotoGP.


4.Honda Blackbird (CBR1100)

Honda Blackbird (CBR1100)

Fastest bike back in 2000, Honda Blackbird is one of the greatest bikes ever produced! It was the bike to challenge Ninja zx11. It holds Horsepower about 153 and has engine of 1137CC on 6 speed manual transmission.


3.Suzuki Hayabusa

Suzuki Hayabusa

Hayabusa is the Japanese word for fastest Falcon! Redesigned in 2008, Hayabusa comes with a powerful 4-stroke engine of 1340CC which produces over 197 Horsepower! Hayabusa comes with 6 speed slipper clutch transmission. It takes 9.7 seconds for Hayabusa to go from Zero to its top speed i.e. 186MPH!


2.MTT Turbine Superbike

MTT Turbine Superbike

Simple design, deadly fast; that’s how I would describe MTT Turbine! If you are looking for an innocent looking bike with deadly fast speed, MTT Turbine is the answer! It comes with 320 Horsepower and is capable of going more than 200+Horsepower. It holds Genesis Book of World Record for being the fastest bike in the world. Transmission is two speed semi-automatic.


1.Dodge Tomahawk

Dodge Tomahawk

Dodge produced only 8 units of this magnificent bike and it is the world’s fastest bike till date! Question is can you push it to its limits! The thing is Tomahawk is powered is by 10Valve, 500BHP, and uses two manual transmission system; these specifications can make Tomahawk go as fast as 560Km/h. Bikes are normally two wheeled but this beast runs on 4 wheels. The engine used is said to be taken from the Dodge Viper!

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