Top 10 Early Causes of Death

Human beings are more complexed and advanced form of living organisms existing in this planet.God has blessed us with so many blessing we even can’t estimate about the worth and importance of our own blessings.Like machines human beings also require proper diet and care at proper timings other wise there may be a fault normally known as diseases.As far as human related diseases are concerned some are temporary for time being while some are life threating.Given below are the Top 10 Early Causes of Death .



Kidney is an important organ of human body play a significant rule in fluid filteraion and production of urine.Inflammation or simply the swelling of this organ is known as “Nephritis”.This problem is one of the important cause of death among elderly patient , those taking medicines for long , drug addicts it can also be cause by microbial infection also.



Suicide is a word from Latin origin which means to kill one own self.Suicide is also a major cause of majority of deaths round the globe.There are many factors which eventually be the source of suicide like depression, bipolar,schizophrenia , drug addiction and depression.Depression in the world is increasing in the world day by day .There are many reasons due to which a person feel depression some commonly occurring cases are financial crisis , interpersonal relation , loss of some thing or someone special.We can decrease it by understanding each other and by expressing and discussing our thoughts and experiences with one another.




In case of Pneumonia there is an inflammatory effect which badly effect the human lungs by damaging alveoli the basic functional and structural unit of lungs.Because of inflammation air passage become narrow due to which patient feels discomfort in form of coughing, difficulty in breathing , chest pain and fever.There are number of causes of pneumonia like auto immune diseases , virus , bacterias.This diseases mostly attack kids so there is a need of awareness program for sake of guiding people that how to care yourself and kids against different diseases.


7. Alzheimer’s Disease


Alzheimer’s disease is the major cause of death specially in old age people.Person belong to the same family having the history of this disease most frequently suffer from it by the process of gene transfer.There are many other important causes of this disease like , blood pressure , and head trauma.This disease is basically a form of mental disease Dementia in which there are multiple abnormal changes in patient like forgetfulness , difficulty in taking decisions or to do complex tasks , problems related to language and memory etc. Though scientist are working on it but unluckily till now there is no any successful and complete cure of this disease.




Diabetic Mellitus normally known as “sugar” is a life long disease in which there is excess glucose  present in the blood of patient.Basically our organ pancreas produce an important hormone known as Insulin which deals with the sugar and regulate its quantity in the blood.But in case of failure of proper functioning of pancreas or low level or insulin or being resistant of insulin patient suffer from this disease.In case of diabetes patient feels excessive thirst , appetite , weight loss, blur vision , fatigue.Though it is impossible to cure it completely but by changing lifestyle avoiding sugar and sweet products and taking medicine and insulin if required regularly according to prescription person can manage the blood glucose level.




While watching News-channels , newspaper there are thousands of news about accidents.Accidents are caused by many reasons like carelessness , drinking , upset condition of drivers , driver in tensed condition , avoiding road signs and rules negligences of co drivers or learners.We should be careful and alerts while driving and before driving should check the condition and fuel of vehicle and should tie the seat belt.


4.Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases

As the name depicting such disease belongs to the abnormally in the lungs and air passage having the direct link with respiratory system. Smoking is the leading cause of such type of disease.If you are not smoking but regularly sitting in smoking area you can also be the victim of this disease. Secondly virus , bacterias and toxic chemical fumes can also create relevant problem. So you should be careful because you are not killing cigarettes eventually cigarettes are killing you.


3. Cerebrovascular Diseases

Such type of diseases are also the significant cause of death worldwide.With the passage of time flexibility of our blood vessels decreases that can cause the problem in normal functioning of blood supply. Secondly when plague stuck in blood vessel causing its blockage in a way of f blood flow then there happen in decrease supply of blood to the organ which first weeks the organ and cause its death .Such type of neurotic diseases in which either blood supply blocked due to clot or there is bleeding in brain either because of sudden trauma or any other reason causes the sudden death of patient in many cases.


2.Heart Diseases

Heart diseases are the main causes of abundant deaths and we can observe this fact very easily with in our own society.In every second  or third home there is a heart patient specially the old age people as in old as stamina decreases and person become more virulent to diseases.People having higher blood pressure , higher cholesterol level , depression more frequently suffer from such disease. We.We should take special care of our parents and elders and should guide them about self caring techniques.




Cancer is the leading cause of death.People through the world dieing because of this disease.What is cancer ?Cancer is basically the abnormal proliferation of cell more frequently comparative to the normal rate.As a result excess of cell make a tumor at some place which in some cases move from one part of the body to the other causes more complications. Every.Every tumor is not cancer but if u feel abnormality , tumor or clump in any of your body part instead of avoiding it you should consult your family doctor as soon as possible.

Above mentioned are the Top 10 Early Causes of Death  in the world though people use to die with many other reasons.What we should do is not to avoid any thing we feel abnormal we should discuss it with our parents , friends and consult family doctor and should follow them strictly.



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