Top 10 Deep Sea Alien Creatures

There are number of most dangerous and unique deep sea creatures in this world. Here we are presenting the list of Top 10 Deep Sea Alien Creatures .


10. Goblin Shark:

Goblin Shark

They are although not as famous as other deep sea sharks are but since they belong to the most ancient families of Mitsukurinidae and are referred to as living fossils. In appearance they are completely different than other sharks and have got flattened snout and teeth which are like nails. Their habitats are mostly the submarine canyons; continental slopes at a depth of 350 ft. are sometimes even lower.


09. Fang tooth:

Fang tooth

They have massively large teeth which resemble fangs which is why they are called as Fang tooth. They only grow to a length of 18 centimeter and are completely harmless to humans. They are mostly dark black in color or sometimes they are also available in brown color. They have a small head but a jaw which is huge, full of mucus membranes, rough edges and a thin skin covering.


08. Polychaete Worm:

Polychaete Worm

Although they appear in nice colors and reflect rainbows but one thing about Polychaete Worm is that they are violent predators. There are tentacles on their heads which act as sensory organs and detect prey through them and rarely grow longer than 10cm and mostly stay away from human beings.


07. Carnivorous Coral:

Carnivorous Coral

They are also known by the word Harp Sponge and was revealed in 2000 off the coast of California, but only established to be flesh-eating this year.  Their shape is like candelabra to enhance their surface area and which is very helpful in catching the tiny shellfishes with miniature Velcro-like hangers and then to spread a membrane over it, gradually assimilating it with chemicals.


06. Tonguefish:


Tonguefish is included here in Top 10 Deep Sea Alien Creatures list.They are mostly found in tropical oceans and have been discovered from the bottom of the western Pacific just this year.  Both of its eyes are present on the one side of the head and habitat around sulphur discharging hydrothermal apertures.


05. The Black Swallower:

The Black Swallower

As their name suggests, they can swallow any creature which is bigger than them. They animate all over the world at a profundity of beyond 8,500 feet and are only 25 cm in measurement. Their body is extended, with no scales, flattened and black brown in color. The creature they swallow starts to decompose themselves before they can be digested in the body which results in the formation of gas and forces the black swallower to come up at the surface of water.


04. Flabby Whalefish:

Flabby Whalefish

These Deep Sea Alien Creatures are  brightly colored specimens and were found off the east coast of New Zealand, at a deepness of more than 2 kilometers. They have small eyes and have a very well developed lateral line to detect ambiances and are flabby in nature because they have no ribs in their body and are found as deep as 3,500 metres in the sea water.


04. Viper Fish:

Viper Fish

These Deep Sea Alien Creature have very long and sharp teeth that are just like needles and can be found more than 4000 to 5000 depths throughout the daytime and at night come up to advanced levels of the sea. For luring purposes they have light producing organs so they can send messages to their mates and warn them about their rivals.


03. Vampire Squid:

Vampire Squid

They are also called as Vampyroteuthis infernalis and have bigger eyes than usual squids. Their defense mechanism is the most fascinating thing about them because they release a bioluminescent ink that blazes and complicates other animals while it outflows.


02. Eastern Pacific Black Ghost Shark:

Eastern Pacific Black Ghost Shark

Belong to the group of animals called chimaeras and are among the oldest group of fishes found today. They have fins so they can fly through the water and while males have a prickly, club like, telescopic sexual organ that overhangs from its forehead.


01. Blue Ringed Octopus:

Blue Ringed Octopus

We have here Blue Ringed Octopus in Top 10 Deep Sea Alien Creatures list.These species of octopus are found in coral reefs in pacific and Indian regions and are world’s most poisonous animals found in the oceans, notwithstanding their small superficially size and docile advent. They can easily bite a human being if feel threatened but otherwise the only survive on big fishes and crabs.

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