Top 10 Best Health Insurance Companies In America

Insurance can also be called as the fair transmission of the losses and the damages from one individual to another in exchange of some fair amount of money.  It is used as a barrier against the risks of any conditional or unconditional harm or forfeiture. Insurance now is becoming more and more popular aspect in many civilized countries of the world among which United States is the leading one. Top 10 Best Health Insurance Companies In America are as follows:


10. ING Group:

ING Group

It is a world famous Dutch international financial and banking service providing company. Insurance services are included in the primary business of the company and along with the investment banking, commercial banking and asset management etc. it offers various insurance policies including car insurance, health and social insurance.


9. Zurich Insurance Group:

Zurich Insurance Group

It is a Swiss insurance corporate which is the biggest insurance company of Switzerland. According to the global lists of Forbes it is the 75th largest public company in the world and has its main dealings in three segments which are known as Global Life, Farmers and General Insurances.


8. Kaiser Permanente:

Kaiser Permanente

It is a nonprofit healthcare organization which is located in California. The most appreciating part of this company is the wide researching work that plays a major role in maintaining the best standards of the corporate and is beneficial for the insurance takers as well as the insurance providers.


7. Select Health:

Select Health

It is again a non-profit healthcare organization which serves hundreds of people which are living in Idaho and Utah. Although the company does not have a very broad area for the providing of their services but the workers work really hard to keep up with the maintained standards of the company.


6. AXA:


It is a famous French investment and insurance providing organization which mainly works in the North American regions and Asia Pacific. This company offers its customers a wide range of health, life and other various forms of the insurances along with the investment management. Some of its major dealings are asset management, property & casualty, life & savings and other financial services.


5. AIA Group Limited:

AIA Group Limited

This insurance company is not just serving united states to its maximum but also have their companies in China, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam etc. due to its number of policies it is also called as the number one insurance company of Hong Kong because I majorly deal with the insurance annuities and mutual funds for which people have great trust.


4. American International Group:


American International Group is an American multinational insurance company and has more than 63 thousand employees working all over the world. The insurance policies which are provided by American International Group are life insurance, casualty insurance, mortgage insurance, retirement products and other financial services.


3. Allianz:


German multinational company Allianz is famous all over the world and particularly in United States for its financial and insurance services. It is the 12th biggest financial services group and the largest insurance company in the world according to Forbes magazine.


2. UnitedHealthOne:


This company is serving the people of united states for more than 65 years now and gives a variety of good quality services to the customers at a very low price rate.


1. Berkshire Hathaway:

Berkshire Hathaway

The major interest of this company is in the annuity sales, sales of jewelry and life insurance with its headquartering located in the United States.The insurance business of this company offers insurance and provision of fatality risk and possessions basically in the United States and in addition its insurance dealings also offer life, health and accident protection.

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