Top 10 Best Funny Halloween Costume Ideas

October is near which means everyone has very less time to prepare for the Halloween this year. There are many options to choose from and if you want to go wearing a funny costume this year then following list is a must read for you.  Keep your dresses simple and cheap and find those that can look great on every adult, kid and teen.Top 10 Best Funny Halloween Costume Ideas are:


10. Ghostbusters Ghost Costume:



This funny halloween costume design is famous since 1984 and still people wear it with great confidence and fun. The total cost of the costume for Halloween will be around 25 dollars and is fairly easy to make and is cheap as well.  Draw the logo free handedly onto the paper and get the logo above the drawing and you are good to go.


9. LEGO Man Costume:

LEGO Man Costume


Playing with LEGO is an ultimate fun and so is wearing its costume this Halloween. But in order to make this dress you must have an ample amount of time to create it perfectly. You need two card boxes for the head and the body and a glossy spray paint along with disposable paper bowls for the body and the head.


8. Cardboard Pixelated Metroid Costumes:

Cardboard Pixelated Metroid Costumes


This costume for Halloween can be duplicated with almost any old school video game character using cardboard, which you possibly have lying around and a few colors of low-priced craft paint or squares of colored paper. You can find the template online and draw squares on the cardboard with colors that coordinate with each other.


7. Cube Costume:

Cube Costume


It is one of the most upper cute and easy outfits that can be worn this Halloween. The fabric used must be very strong and sewn up to perfection so that it is very easy to get on and comfortable to wear during the parties and celebrations.


6. Silver Surfer Costume:

Silver Surfer Costume


This funny Halloween costume design must include shiny metallic fabric and must also include open eyes and mouth holes, disjoined toes, bare fact, a removable mask along with the feet, hands and crotch zipper in order to complete the outfit.


5. SpongeBob Costume:

SpongeBob Costume


With SpongeBob Costume be ready to leave your underwater pineapple and come ashore with this hilarious SpongeBob Square pants Costume. It includes tunic with drop front and shoe covers. The dress must feature a square SpongeBob tunic with full character detail and neck and armholes for easy conscious and undertaking.


4. M&M’s Costumes:



The dress must include the cartoon character gloves as well as the tunic and can be worn with your head in or out according to the preferences. This dress will make you the star of the party as they are the most favorite chocolate candies among all.


3. Game Costume:

Game Costume


This Sudoku Dress Halloween costume includes the green sheath dress with a black game grid pattern, 4 #1s, 4 #2s, 4#3s and 4 #4s, which makes it a perfect party outfit that you can wear and look funny yet stunning.


2. Mr. /Mrs. Potato Head Costume:

Mr and Mrs. Potato Head Costume


It can be the funniest Halloween costume ever if worn correctly. A couple is mandatory to wear it.  This Mr./Mrs. Potato Head Kit embraces the Mr. and Mrs. Potato head charm hats and seven t-shirt labels which include 2 noses, 2 sets of eyes, red lips, teeth and a grey moustache.


1. Inflatable Pumpkin Costume:

Inflatable Pumpkin Costume


The dress must contains an orange jumpsuit with battery operated fan as well as the headpiece. The fabric must be pure nylon and you are all set to impress everyone with this cool, funny outfit. These are Top 10 Best Funny Halloween Costume Ideas .


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