Top 10 Beautiful Lakes in America

The Lakes are the best place when you are looking for peace of mind, not only they provide a good environment, but a good swim in a blue lake can literally refresh you. There are many lakes in the United States, but only top ten most beautiful lakes in America are written below.


10) Lady bird lake


Lady bird lake

Town lake is basically a reservoir in the Texas and serves as a major recreational spot in the Austin City. Lady bird bike and hiking trail, Barton Springs and lake bridges provide quite a recreational spot. Lady bird lake is also famous for Mexican bats who are about 1.5 millions in the lake.


9) Lake Cumberland

Lake Cumberland


It is one of the most beautiful lakes as recreational purposes in the United States, it is home to different kinds of fishes and there are two onshore parks and one island park in the Lake Cumberland. It is one of the best places in Kentucky.

Lakes given below are one of the biggest lakes in the United States and have many recreational spots, hence are the most beautiful lakes in the US.


8) Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario

Named on the Canada’s most populous province, . Name basically means lake of shining water. The Marilyn Bay park is named after the guy who swum across the Lake Ontario back in 1954.  The water is good for swimming, it is a great place for sunbathing and there are many places worth visiting.


7) Lake Huron

Lake Huron


One of the five great lakes of the North America, Lake Huron is magnificent! Lake Huron holds about two thousand, historically significant shipwrecks, so if you are a history enthusiast or a water sports lover or going there for a sunbath, Lake Huron will be a place for you!


6) Lake Erie

Lake Erie


Tenth largest globally lake, Lake Erie is one of the most beautiful lakes in the US. Home to about 1800 shipwrecks, Lake Erie is one paradise for divers, it is also heaven for fisheries, for bikers, for cross country skiing, pleasure cruises and water sports. Lake Eric is basically the best fun place if you are looking for some place to relax.


5) Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan


Only lake located entirely in the United States, Lake Michigan is one of the five great lakes and is second largest great lake by volume. Michigan adventures, Sunrise coast, Muskeogen, Kalamazoo, South Haven, Isle Royle, Petoskey, Grand Traverse Bay, Mackinac Island are must visit! There’s more than a lot to visit so you should plan a long trip.


4) Carter Lake:

Carter Lake


One of the deepest lakes in the United States, Carter lake is of the deepest lakes in the world. Carter Lake is about three miles long and about one mile wide. It is a great place for every kind of water activity. Rock climbing, Scuba diving, Camping, Picnicking,  water skiing, fishing or sunbathing, it is great a place for family holidays also for romantic day outs.


3) Great Salt Lake

Great Salt Lake


Great Salt Lake is the greatest salt lake in the Western Hemisphere, it is located in the US State of Utah. Also the fourth largest terminal lake in the world, Great salt lake is the greatest tourist destination in Utah. Spiral Jetty is a great piece of art to see, Saltairs provide great view of the lake and are a great place to visit, the Antelope Island State park is worth a visit too!


2) Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe


Just by the mountains of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, Lake Tahoe provides best sunset view in the US. It is also the largest alpine like in North America. It has a number of ski resorts, tourist attractions and summer recreations. It is also home to winter activities and casinos, in short, Lake Tahoe is a great place to visit throughout the year.


1)   Lake Superior

Lake Superior


The Largest lake of great lakes in North America, Lake Superior is considered as the largest freshwater lake by surface area and is included here at number first position in Top 10 Beautiful Lakes in US list. Copper Peak Adventure rides, Mink Mountain Resort, Ontario Parks, Lake Shore Restaurants are just starters, you will be amazed to visit this lake once, there is a lot to to, so lets get started!

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