Tips to Set Up a Hosted WordPress Site

Tips to Set Up a Hosted WordPress Site

Why you think the idea of building a website from the scratch is pretty daunting. Don`t you know how to make a professional looking website or can`t find the best web host. The Problem is users don`t know where to start from? Looking forward to this, we have put together the precise instructions, plug-ins and other tools to help you out. We are presenting some tips for How to Set Up a Hosted WordPress Site.

Things you will need:




Set your WordPress Account by visiting Signup Page. Press ‘Get Started’ button and fill in your valid email address, desired username, desired password and desired blog name. Here you will have the opportunity to select your address extension such as, and many more. After entering the information, you will also need to select your package according to your requirements (Visit Signup for more info). After completing the registration, an email will be dispatched to the given address for confirmation. Confirm the mail and gain access to your dashboard.


After Registration, find a reliable host. Finding the right service to host your domain is the life of the blog. There are hundreds of host companies to select from therefore you need to pick one that suits you best. The hosting companies which WordPress suggests its users are fine because this platform have dealt with more hosts than you might ever hear of.  Besides keeping your requirements in mind, you also need to make sure that your selected host meets WordPress Requirements. For your convenience, below are mentioned host companies.


  • BlueHost: Auto Installation with updates and unlimited storage. BlueHost also offers unlimited monthly data transfer on the same account of 2k+ email addresses
  • HostGator:  Easy installation with special discounts for beginners. HostGator is probably the most affordable option which starts at $3.75 per month with a few exclusive features
  • DreamHost: One Click installation with automatic update plan and unlimited hosted domains. DreamHost comes with a two week trial which features a free of cost custom domain name with free Add ONs.

The difference between and

as it can boil down the flexibility and customization of your website. is basically a one stop shop which is easy to use in addition of a few restrictions. It also comes with a WordPress branded domain where .org doesn`t entirely depends on content management. It’s a software which you can download and install on your hard and pair it with you website anywhere around the web. is far advanced and flexible (yet Pricey) as compared with


Tips to Set Up a Hosted WordPress Site


  • Always create backups
  • Don`t fall for freebies because they (mostly) are fake
  • Make sure you establish a good permalink structure
  • Always keep you comment setting to moderation

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